The Best Ways to Make Homemade Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs are really social, fun animals. They need day-to-day attention as well as treatment. It is necessary to provide them with a wide variety of toys for them to play with when they are lonely or bored. Here is a list of amazing homemade playthings that your family pet will certainly love.

Socks- Everyone has at the very least a couple of pair-less socks that are existing around somewhere. Excellent toys to make with these socks are:

Sock cushions: Fill up an old sock with hay and also tie the end off. My test subject enjoys to drag these around.

Play-Socks: Find a holey sock as well as put it in your animals cage. He will likely run into it and also stick his nose out of the holes.

Sock Stacks: Merely pile a massive pile of socks in your guinea pigs environment. Watch they climb up as well as leap down. Geronimo!

To make, cut open a sock so that it is in the form of a square. Utilizing an opening puncher, make 4 openings in the corners of the sock.

Seed Sock: Tie up a sock as you would if you were making a sock pillow. Link the sock to the top of the habitat as well as reduced a quite little hole at the bottom of the sock (the hole must be a little bigger compared to the seeds inside the sock).

Tennis Sock: Place a tennis sphere in a sock without openings as well as connect off. He will certainly drag it around and even throw it. Change the sock if it tears (unless you desire the ball rolling around).

Boxes N’ Bags- Guinea pigs love these to hide as well as play in! Your guinea pig will like these.

Boxes: You could put a level box in the cage, or a box with out a bottom. You could pile them to construct a castle, or cut them as much as make a fort. You could even tape them with each other to make multi-level residences! Guinea pigs enjoy boxes, so make sure to provide your own some to play in.

Paper Bags: My test subject completely ENJOYS paper bags, and will entertain himself for hrs playing in such an easy toy. I think he just likes the way that it crinkles.

Towels- These are good as make-shift beds, fts (if you hang them up in the corners of the cage), blankets, as well as separators, if you intend to have a wall surface in-between parts of the cage.

Little points for guinea pigs to roll, toss, drag, rest on/in, and also consider-.

Scrunched paper, feline toys with bells, tennis spheres, little bowls/containers (like butter tubs or lunch meat containers), mirrors, little stuffed pets, ordinary wood blocks (without sealants-just plain old plain blocks), bricks (pile them), toilet tissue tubes, and also cells. Cells are my guinea pigs favored food team.

Have fun!

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